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My name is Nancy Zimmerman and this is my blog.  I write mostly about art, travel and the bits about life that make me smile, think or piss me off.  



nancy zimmerman

Hi Everyone!

Here is some information about the Twitter Art Sales.

I do a lot of sketches for future paintings, and generally I paint over them and reuse the canvasses to death.  So instead of doing that, I decided to throw them up for sale on my Twitter account (mau5mom).

To my surprise, the response was terrific, so I will be doing it again on random Thursday nights at 7pm.  Not every Thursday people.  RANDOM Thursdays.  I will give you a heads up a few days before.

This is how it works: I flash up 7 or 8 paintings with numbers on them.  If you see something you like, you tweet #3 SOLD!  If you are the first one to tweet, you become the proud owner of said painting.  You send me a DM with your email address for billing and a mailing address for sending and I ship them out the following Monday.

All paintings are in acrylic on canvas board or stretched canvas.  They are usually 18x24" or 18x20", signed and dated.

My themes vary with my mood and inspiration.  If there is a theme you would like to see, drop me a line and if it sounds like fun, I may follow your lead!

Thanks for stopping by!