Sunday, September 6th.

Stayed at the asylum today and did washes of acrylic and scumbling over the images of yesterday.  I do enjoy roughing up pretty pictures, so though I do not like mine, it’s very therapeutic.  Chris does a fabulous job of it and he has found his style, which is something I envy a great deal.  I have no style and I doubt I ever will, but I love to create and I am happy in my random skin.  Diana picks everything up instantly.  She has such a great sense of colour and technique I really look forward to seeing more of her work.  I bet she is as good as AntHony. She is certainly the most studious of all. 

Jane was scolded in class today for being noisy.  It was great because I was painting beside her and was soundly responsible but took no blame.  She has toddled over to the dark side and seems to enjoy being a little trouble maker.  This both pleases and amuses me.  It’s the sort of thing a good girl does while away at summer camp.

We had a very fun day everyone is beginning to loosen up a bit. Spent some time watching Kris and Maria try to plug a hole.  Kris was up on a rickety old spindle of a ladder and Maria at the bottom barking orders in Italian.  The foam missed it’s mark repeatedly and the rest of the crew offered advice from safe vantage points as the goo dripped down along the stone wall.

We are going to dinner tonight to what is being described as “a wonderful meat lovers feast.”  I cannot contain my joy and have been salivating all morning.

AntHony told me I should brush my hair for dinner, and just this once, I might. 

So the meatfest was a bust. I skipped the appetizer of cold cuts saving myself for the main event.  Sadly that was the main event. I wonder if there is a red meat shortage in Italy or if they just don’t like it. After the meal Anthony pointed out there’s a pub down the way which has marvelous burgers. Had I known in advance, I would have escaped, which is probably why he did not share this tidbit until the ride home.

Chris and Kris did not join us for dinner, but when off with Tony to visit friends.  I envision them all chewing on giant legs of beef.  Though the meal was a snore, the event was fabulous.  Everyone was in good spirits and the laughter and chatter was loud and robust.

Jane spent the time doing an awesome imitation of me. “Anthony, what are you about?  If I put my hand over this bit it’s all just orange!”  Perfect.  Freda said people were offended scolded her immediately.  Chrissy quickly demanded to know just who had complained.  Freda had no answer and Chrissy made it clear that no one seemed remotely offended and thus another battle won but not forgotten by enemy troops.  It was good to see Chrissy letting herself out.  The woman has the best sideways grin on the planet and she flashes it often in conflict. 

Diana was once again trapped beside Freda, but at least across from AntHony and seemed to be having a good time. As a public service I listened to stories of Freda’s past life as a dancer, her fancy home and how she was a rare talent in the choir who could reach notes no one else could.  It was all familiar, but because of the wine and the freedom it allowed everyone else to talk, I took one for the team and played listener.

Chrissy is having an affair with the very young, dark and handsome waiter boy.  She is so smitten it is remarkable and wonderful. He is half her age, but played into her hand like a kitten and she was giddy over it.  Who knew she was such a temptress?  Not I dear diary, not I.  Well done Chrissy.

I heard about the opera and how I would have liked the building.  Most had a good time, Chrissy was not impressed with the lead singer and described exactly what I hate about opera.  No sooner has she finished when who appeared but the singer herself. Kudos were given and knowing glances exchanged.

Came back, sat around with the fab four gossiping about the absent. One thing I do really like about me, is I can be amused by most anything.  So though this is not the art camp I hoped it would be, I am enjoying these people very much.  All in all, it was another fantastic day.