ART CAMP DAY 7: September 4


Monday, September 4

Went off to SomethingorOtherTown and drew fancy pictures of random things.  All of these towns seem abandoned, but the reality is, only tourists would be outside climbing hills and painting in this heat. I wandered away from the group to enjoy the scenery and explore a bit.  This place is full of old buildings and tiny churches.  It was once a stronghold and there is a massive bell tower in the center of town. The bell clangs like a ladle on an iron frying pan each and every hour. The first time it is quite charming, but I can’t imagine how Europeans handle all this regulated racket.  There are two friendly white dogs who toddle along behind us looking for hugs and treats.  Ironically, Jane happens to carry dog treats in her pocket for her dog. Her dog is in England. She is not, and yet, these treats did not go unappreciated by the two.  That’s Jane in a nutshell.   When the bells start to ring, the two dogs run off like maniacs toward the tower.  The take their position, look skyward and bark for the duration of the bells.  It’s adorable and funny to watch.

 Jane and I found an old car to draw and laughed and talked. She is excellent company and forever amuses me. The drawing came out well and we rejoined the group to rip them up, paste and redraw them into something new.  As usual, mine was not good, but Diana and Chrissy seemed to have a bit of a knack for it. 

I don’t know how they manage it, but everyone seems to look neat and tidy at all times. I tend to sport a more bridge troll look.  The heat frizzes my hair and my flesh is burned, blistered and gleaming with a slimy sweat.  My clothes are tired of making the effort to contain me and my shoes resemble the ones you see along the side of the highway. I have long since abandoned trying to look presentable. This is a battle I cannot win and one I care little about.  I reason I cannot see what I look like and it’s more the problem of the onlooker.  I also reason what I lack in presentation, I make up with my dazzling personality and surely the sparkle of that spiffs me up a bit. ;) 

Chris took us into a cool little church full of curiosities.  I enjoy that he knew I would appreciate it and I did indeed.

Finished all our paintings and had a little art show. Everyone did well.  I only like my charcoal, but I may paint the man with the hat over the towers, or work up the car.  Probably not.

Back at the home, Chrissy’s brother Mike and his wife Pam came to see her.  It was very sweet as they have not seen each other for a decade.  I invaded the kitchen and made them some tea, because sometimes I do nice things. The wasp buzzed over them and gave them no peace, though Jane, Di and I made every attempt to ensure Chrissy’s work was being done.  It seems intruders are not welcome here and I felt bad for them. Tempting as it was to bark, I did not.

I am going to ride along with them to somewhere I have forgotten and look forward to it.

While in the midst of our final cocktail hour, Kris presented me with a thoughtful gift.  She was holding an armful of my laundry; giant underpants and tired bras dangled from the mass.  I did not take said mass and thought it odd to present them at cocktail hour.  I said nothing and she said, "Shall I put them in your room?" Why yes, that seems like a much better place for them… No wait! Let's strewn them around the dinner table and play dress up.  As she toddled off, Anthony squished my arm and said, "Say thank you."  And though I had other things running through my head, I did say thank you (as quietly as I could). We had lasagna for dinner and I am almost sick of cheese.

 Chris made a great dvd and we gathered, sipped lemoncello and regurgitated the week. Though on my best behaviour, I endured commentary of my manners and the sorrow inflicted on all.  AntHony sensed my displeasure and tried to engage me, but alas, I was enjoying a bit of a pity party and soundly glad to be leaving in the morning.

 So that’s it.  This is our last night.  I am glad I came. I saw so many cool places and I look forward to painting the wasp. 

I bought one of Krissys paintings which reminds me of her and what I thought Tuscany would be.I am excited to get back to Pisa and on to Milan and Switzerland. It was nice to have people around, but I am happily reminded why I would rather not.I plan to see sweet Jane and Di in Wales and intent to bless their socks off. Jane suggested I arrive in a carriage and if I remember to, I shall.