Tuesday, Sept 8


Our final breakfast was a bit sober, but still fun. AntHony is in excellent spirits today as he has been each day.

I ditched Chrissy and her bro for a ride because fun as it seemed, it was a long way off my route and I am eager to get to my boyfriend’s house in Amsterdam.

I should mention that on the way home last night, AntHony and I were going at it and he said something derogatory (shocker).  Miss Chrissy took great offense when AntHony retorted YOU LIKE IT! Hehehe.  Chrissy will not stand for such things.  AntHony and I, however, will.  Cuz I do enjoy your antics sir and I will miss you most of all.

I am leaving here relatively unscathed and without having slug many arrows. Tonight I shall be eating a massive chunk of red meat. I am also quite excited to get back on the rails, because I am a hobo now and that’s what hobos do.

All in all Tuscany was great. I should mention we finally raced in the pool.  AntHony had said he can swim the pool in one length.  I have no idea what that means, but I was soundly beaten by the 84 year old.  The greatest thing about AntHony is he has changed my perception of the elderly.  Freda, too, has inspired me to want to live long, see more and do more. In essence, stay alive, care about who I am and do all there is to do.

I said goodbye to the pizza oven, my bench and the dog. I am trying to live this trip so slowly but it is spinning by relentlessly. I hope the fab four have not given me fake email addies and I did to some. I look forward to keeping in touch with the Brits and hallucinate that we will remain pen pals well into our old age.  Then we can regale in exaggerated detail what fun we had.  I hope Chrissy and her lover find happiness, that Di masters her skill at dragon sculping and that Jane has continued success in fluttering for help.  For AntHony I do hope he always finds a sparring partner worthy of his banter.  Such an odd little group and so much excellent chemistry.  

We packed up and headed to Pisa where Anthony said a hasty goodbye and left Jane and I both puzzled and a bit sad.  We had hoped to spend a bit of time in Pisa with him, but his hasty retreat suggests he had his fill.  Jane and I wandered like idiots for a bit and finally said goodbye.

 Now trecking along the coast toward Milan, I don’t know if I am looking at an ocean or a sea, but it is glittery and pretty.

Thinking of art camp does make me smile regardless of the nonsense.  I think without the nonsense it may not have been as fun.  I find great humour in nonsense.  Our hosts were hosty, and though the arting was not what I was looking for, it was good enough.  The British are not without their charms and I shall take away the fun and fond memories.  It was not what I expected, but it’s always the unexpected that makes my world interesting. Thank you all for a most entertaining week!


ANTHONY:  A fond footnote to a marvelous man.

I wrote these words on the train for my own amusement;

 Strong straight shoulders hinged the the arms of a much younger man. The tanned long body lesser men strive for at any age, in which women find the fodder of fantasy.  A body so pleased with itself, it struts and poses as only a Sagittarius can.  A body carved into marble repeatedly, haunting my journey from Greece to Italy.

The classic nose worthy of any ancient sculpture (I suppose because it is an ancient nose), the flawless tan brightening the discerning eyes and every hair seems in place where there is none. A wonder indeed.

 And of the man; eloquent, travelled, masterful, accomplished.  The timbre of the voice, oh the lyric. To be soothed by song or soundly scolded, they are equally enchanting.  Always the gentleman. Offering assistance, not jumping at every request but meeting a select few lest grace becomes advantage taken

Do demigods watch you with jealous eyes?

That right there was some great writing. lol.  But as the veneer fell away and you allowed yourself to join us mere mortals, a far more interesting, mischievous and endearing AntHony emerged who truly enamoured us.  Without further adieu, I give you my fondest AntHony moments: (some have been embellished for my amusement without tainting the spirit of the speeches)

My favourite AntHony lines brazenly embellished:

 Would you shut up?

I have had three books published.

I built a city in Japan. The people love me there.  I work with many Japanese people. They practically worship me.

 I started an art colony.  It's practically world wide.  

 If you would move your third ass there would be room for all of us.  

 Just how much do you weigh? 

Shut up Freda and eat your food.

 When asked - How many languages do you speak?  - "I don't know"  as if there were too many to count.

 I will bet you 500 lbs your painting will be dry by tomorrow night.  (no AntHony it was not and a debt remains)

 Design my grotto - "No"

Straighten the buildings in my painting - "No"

 Come to Pinnochio - "No"

 Get me a tea.

 Get me a tea.

 How many strokes does it take you to swim the pool?  I can do it in one. 

 Say thank you.  

 Brush your teeth.

 Brush your hair.

 You are NOT going to Pinnochio.

 Shut up.  Just shut up!

Be humble. (what I heard in my own head was Shut up AntHony)

 Get in the pool.

Get out of the pool!

 You can't have a fire.

 You are coming to the opera.

 Get me a tea.

I sing like Elvis.  (yes. Like Elvis under a blanket with a mouth full of cotton)

I designed a city in Japan.  They built it.  They worship me there.

 Eat your food.

Don't eat your food, she will just give you more.

 I am a great pole vaulter.

I have never met the queen.  No, I had forgotten, I have met the queen.  The queen adores me.  

 You WILL do Tai Chi (no Svengali I will not)

 I'm rich I can afford it. 

I am taking all your comments in. (on my elaborate critique of your lame grass and tree painting...translation..I am NOT taking them in.

Twas I that spoke these words, but I was channelling you completely:

Shall I don my bikini for you ladies and hide it seductively beneath my royal towel?  Perhaps my door will be ajar while I strip...perhaps you dare the awe as you pass?  Solely for your pleasure I shall pose by the pool so you can enjoy my  tan and the girth of my loins.  Let me just strut over here and get some wine. I look so good in my bikini with a glass of wine.  Remember ladies, I am a man spoken for, but there is no harm in your enjoyment of this extraordinary physique.  It would be cruel to deny you.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tirade.  It was a joy to write and unforgettable to experience you....the man, the myth, the legend they call AntHony.